“I love to be outdoors.” “We spend so much time in our backyard.” Let’s have a get-together this weekend.” Do these statements sound familiar? Are they usually followed by these… “It’s really going to be hot, though.” “We need a gathering place for everyone.” “Our backyard is so blah.” “It might rain, what would we do then?”

Problem solved. RoomsN’Covers can install a Solid Flat Pan Patio Cover quickly and professionally at your home at a competitive price by some of the most experienced installers in the business. It provides protection from the sun and rain, while giving architectural interest to your home and landscaping. Wood-grained aluminum structure gives all the beauty with none of the problems! No cracking, sagging, peeling paint, insects or rot to worry about…ever!

Have a wooden structure already in place with any of these complaints? Rooms N’Covers with take it down and haul it away before we put a brand new structure with a limited lifetime guarantee in its place. Here it is…the all-season, all-around solution to your backyard blues!

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